SIR Michael Caine thanks Jack Nicholson for saving his acting career.

The British star was on the verge of retiring when Nicholson convinced him to appear in 1997 film BLOOD AND WINE - and he is eternally grateful for the kick-start it gave him.

He says, "I was living in Miami and running a restaurant that I owned. I wasn't too happy with the roles I was getting and didn't need to do bad roles in order to make a living.

"Then director Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson came to Miami to make Blood And Wine. They met with me and asked me to do their film. Jack's enthusiasm and commitment to the picture was inspirational. Jack was key in restoring my faith in acting.

"Unless he reads this I don't think he was ever aware of what he did to motivate me creatively."

02/08/2005 08:47