Michael Caine has given Jude Law's HAMLET the thumbs up, insisting his SLEUTH co-star is better as Shakespeare's tragic prince than LORD OLIVIER and Richard Burton.
Caine, who played Horatio in a 1964 TV adaptation of the play, admits he was blown away by Law's latest theatrical turn, which has been wowing audiences and critics in London.
He says, "He is the best Hamlet I have ever seen in my life. I've seen Olivier and Burton and he is the best Hamlet. He stunned me.
"When he told me he was gonna do Hamlet, I went, 'Oh, he'll get slaughtered,' and then he got these great reviews.
"He's the truest, and you understand what Hamlet went through and how screwed up he was by his mother, and he gets it absolutely perfectly.
"I saw Richard Burton and he did it so quickly at the Old Vic, and years later I confronted him and said, 'You did the fastest Hamlet I've ever seen in my life.' And he said, 'Well, in those days, the pubs shut at half past 10!' He had his priorities right!"