Michael Caine is calling on the U.K.'s leaders to reinstate national service in an effort to clean up the streets.
After shooting his new movie, Harry Brown, in London's most troubled neighbourhoods, Caine fears crime and drug use is out of control in his native Britain - and the government needs to do something drastic to stop youngsters from killing one another.
He says, "I'm very stodgy but I'm turning into a real conservative. What you actually need to do is bring back national service; not for two years like I did - where I went to the Korean War, but have six months to learn to defend your country.
"You don't kill anybody; you just learn to defend your country in case somebody comes to kill you. I think it's very important that these kids get the sense of being citizens and the pride that can come with that."
But Caine admits his opinions about the youths who run riot on London's notorious crime estates have changed now he's had the chance to sit and talk to them.
Caine worked with gang members on the new film and reveals they weren't the mindless thugs he feared they'd be.
He tells WENN, "When I read the script I had a middle class reaction, which is to get all these bastards and stick them into prison. I shot a lot at night there with all the guys known as hoodies and I would talk to them and I changed my mind about them.
"I realised that 75 per cent of them are educateable (sic) and 25 per cent of them are irredeemable and should be in psychiatric wards. It's such a sad thing. I was with guys who would scare the life out of you."