Michael Caine has blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger's bid to become California's next Governor - because he thinks the action man is mad to get involved in politics.

Hollywood is split by those supporting Arnie and those who think his political ambitions are a joke.

But British Caine isn't pulling any punches - he's convinced acting and politics are too far apart to meet.

He says, "Why would Arnold want to do that? It's the exact opposite of everything an actor does - very little work for a great deal of money in complete secrecy.

"He's going into somewhere where you work your butt off for no money and reveal everything about yourself.

"I don't understand it, but I wouldn't want him to come round to the house and beat me up. He'd be cheap, I guess, because you don't have to buy security guards for him. He's his own security."

13/08/2003 09:10