Steamy pictures showing Michael Buble posing provocatively with various women at a party have been published in a U.K. newspaper.

The Canadian crooner, who is now married to Argentinian model Luisana Lopilato, is pictured enjoying a wild, booze-fuelled party at an apartment in Vancouver.

The photos, said to have been taken in 2000 and published in Britain's The Sun, show a woman crouched on her knees in front of Buble, reaching into his trousers, while the singer laughs and smokes a cigarette.

Another shot appears to show Buble burying his face in a woman's cleavage, while a third purportedly shows him posing between a female's legs.

A source says, "Michael had broken up from his girlfriend a few months earlier and he went on a bit of a tear-up... I bet Michael has parked this memory in the back of his mind and hopes for years that the photos never emerged."

Buble has since put his wild days behind him - he wed Lopilato in 2011 and became a first-time father to their baby son Noah in August (13).