The Canadian crooner's child Noah was admitted to a medical facility in his mother Luisana Lopilato's native Argentina in June (15), while the singer was away working in America.

Michael, who is expecting another baby with Luisiana, admits seeing the suffering of other children at the hospital gave him a new perspective on life and he now spends a lot of time visiting youngsters there.

"We spent all that time in the hospital watching other kids come in every single day with the same thing," the Feeling Good singer tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper.

"It gives you perspective so now I spend a lot of time at the children's hospital. It makes me thankful because there are so many kids and families who have had it far worse. There is nothing worse in the whole universe than your kid hurting."

Michael goes on to insist that he was relieved Noah was not more badly injured.

"Within seconds he had managed to grab the tip of the teabag string and pulled it," he reveals. "It (the hot water) went down his shoulder and on to his chest. I try to remind Lu that we are lucky - that it could have been worse."