Michael Buble has been a regular guest on the 'X Factor' on both sides of the Atlantic, perhaps most memorably serenading 2009's UK third placer Stacey Solomon during a cover of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'. However, though given more than a welcoming greeting when appearing on the show now, Buble has admitted that it wasn't always that way - with the show's boss Simon Cowell giving the globally successful singer a hard time of it on his debut in 2007.
The singer was talking to UK publication the Radio Times, commenting that "I had to sing 'Call Me Irresponsible' in front of 20 million people. And the first thing I saw when I got on stage was Simon. I sang about four lines and he looked at me and did this [rolls his eyes] and that was it, I was done. It killed me. My confidence dropped." Poor Buble! And he didn't' take it well either, furthering "Maybe Cheryl Cole gets a little quiet and more demure when she loses her confidence. But I become aloof. I get the attitude of, 'Oh really? Well, f*** you. You don't like me? Then go f*** yourself. I'm just gonna do whatever.'"
Thankfully the pair settled their differences, thanks to Dannii Minogue - each passing month suggests the 'X Factor' were foolish to let her go - with the Canadian explaining "I told her the story. She goes and tells him, and comes back saying, 'The man didn't even know he did it'. He was just probably sitting on his fifth hour of the show going, 'Kill me now... and I've got to go to the bathroom'. Anyway, every time I've ever talked to him since then he's been incredibly nice." Thank goodness.