Singer Michael Buble was offered a controversial role as a "deeply racist" character in a Hollywood movie, but he was forced to snub the job due to his ongoing tour commitments.

The Canadian crooner has been open about his desire to act and he was recently given the chance to fulfil his ambitions with a dramatic turn as a bigot.

He explains, "There was a movie I got a little while ago. It was a pretty heavy part playing a deeply racist, horrible man. I'd rather do something that allows me to disappear into someone who is as far from who I am and the image people have of me than do a musical or something like The Hangover. But I couldn't do it because filming would have got in the way of my tour."

Buble fears he might regret hanging up his microphone to pursue films, but insists his singing career will always take priority.

He adds, "I look at a lot of people in the music business and I wonder if that isn't one of the greatest mistakes - thinking that the grass is always greener. I've got a wonderful career. I don't know that I could give that up because I wanted to be an actor. I've made a promise to people who have been kind enough to invest in me and buy my records. The acting thing will have to wait."