Singer Michael Buble fears his career has taken a downturn and insists he often feels he is "scrapping to stay relevant".

The Canadian crooner has achieved several top 10 hits around the world and has become one of the country's biggest musical exports in recent years.

However, he fears his success could nosedive at any moment and believes his career is already on the slide due to the economic crisis being suffered by the music industry.

Buble tells U.K. Tv show Daybreak, "You go up and down and I feel like my career in some ways is on a down... the record business is not great, people aren't selling the same amount of records, the economy is tough.

"You know, security-wise, I can be very secure or very insecure depending on what week you talk to me and I can feel like I'm up and down, I can feel like I'm very popular and trending upwards one week and the next I can feel like I'm holding on and scrapping to stay relevant."