Singer Michael Buble recently headed back to his native Canada to attend his high school reunion, but the event reminded him how much he hated his teenage years.

The crooner returned to his hometown of Vancouver to film Tv special Michael Buble's Day Off, during which he revisited his alma mater to mark 20 years since he graduated.

The Home hitmaker admits he was anxious about attending the event as he was often picked on at school, but he was relieved to discover his tormentors had softened over the years.

Buble explains, "It was the first reunion I'd ever been to, so I was really nervous. Going back made me realise that my high school experience wasn't great. At the time I actually really hated it. There were bullies and I seemed to have to fight a lot. I never thought that things would change.

"I didn't really fit into any group. In one of my old yearbook pictures I've got a mullet and two pierced ears. I'd wear denim jackets with 'I love AC DC' and 'I love Metallica' written on them. I guess some people saw a weakness in that. (At the reunion) I looked at these people, some of whom I didn't really like back then, and they had all turned out to be good people - good dads and good mums. But what did I expect? They're almost 40 now. They're not children anymore."