Singer Michael Buble's marriage to Luisana Lopilato has been given a big boost by therapy sessions.

The Canadian crooner admits regular sessions with a counsellor have improved his relationship with the Argentine actress/model, who he married last year (11).

He tells Britain's Daily Mail Weekend magazine, "Sometimes I can be impatient, and patience is important for me in my marriage. With my therapist, the big thing we talk about is how every marriage is hard. I have friends who say, 'Oh, my marriage is easy...' It's not! It's hard. You're two separate people with separate ideas and separate needs.

"What's nice for me is that I can talk to the therapist - about a fight me and Lu have had, say - and she'll give me the woman's perspective. So afterwards, when Lu and I start talking, I can be more sensitive to how she feels and what she's saying. Because, as a man, I'm sometimes far too logical. Or maybe illogical.

"My therapist will advise me that when Lu says this, she's probably feeling that. I'll sit with Lu and I can be empathetic. I can say, 'I understand why this means something to you.'"