LATEST: Canadian crooner Michael Buble has defended TV host ROVE MCMANUS after he was branded racist by rap star Xzibit. The rapper is currently touring Australasia and was invited to perform an unlikely rap duet with Buble on Aussie evening show Rove - hosted by MCManus - on Sunday (24Jun07). However, Xzibit wanted to perform solo and stormed off the Melbourne set before filming began. He later ranted to fans on his MySpace page under the subject heading 'Rove the racist'. Buble has hit back at the rapper, claiming the funnyman is not a bigot. He says, "You know what? This is TV and I totally understand (Xzibit's) decision. There's nothing wrong with him deciding that wasn't the light he wanted to be shown in - he's a great rapper. "But Rove is not a racist. I think it's unfortunate that it has been misconstrued. It'll blow over and I hope Xzibit is cool with it and Rove is cool with it because I'm totally cool with it. In a follow-up message on his MySpace page, Xzibit insists he wasn't accusing the show's actual host MCManus of racism, but had been upset by a catty comment by a member of the production crew.