Crooner Michael Bolton is so impressed with fiancee Nicollette Sheridan's sultry singing skills, he wants her to record a NORAH JONES-style album of jazzy blues. Sheridan braved her fears of singing in front of people when she stepped up to record a duet with Bolton on his new Bolton Swings Sinatra album - and now the hitmaker wants to turn the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star into the next big thing. He says, "She's got a beautiful voice but she has been terrified to sing since she was a kid. For some reason, at a young age, she was convinced that she couldn't sing and if she thinks anybody's listening she just shuts up immediately. "I've heard her singing throughout the house and I've heard her sing in the car, along with records and she has great pitch, she hears the key, locks into it, sings in key and has beautiful tone. "She has never really put that voice to work. I'm trying to get her to feel more and more comfortable about singing but she's a fairly fearless person, so it's peculiar to see her intimidated by something like stepping up to the mic. "If she were to record an album, I would think that a kind of smokey, jazzy, bluesy kinda thing would work. I think she could sound great doing a record like a Norah Jones record."