Crooner Michael Bolton insists his upcoming marriage to Nicollette Sheridan will be low-key affair - far removed from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' expensive, star-studded ceremony last month (18NOV06). The HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU singer and the Desperate Housewives actress have both been married before - Bolton to the mother of his three children Maureen Mcguire and Sheridan to actor Harry Hamlin for three years in the early 1990s. Bolton and Sheridan originally dated in the mid-1990s and reunited in November 2005 - before getting engaged just four months later (MAR06). Bolton says, "We are now engaged and we have been talking about where the wedding will be as well as when. "I'm not sure if I'd like something like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding or not. A castle is a pretty bold statement. And we've got to think about whether we want 5000 of our closest friends there with us. "Getting married is the biggest decision you're ever going to make with your life. However, when you've lived a little bit, like Nicollette and I have, you realise that the building where the actual ceremony is going to take place is probably the least important element of the whole day. "When you agree to get married, the enormous statement is that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person."