Michael Bolton, Patti Labelle and former DESTINY'S CHILD star Kelly Rowland have been named among the choirmasters of a new U.S. reality TV choral challenge. In the Christmas-flavoured show, Clash Of The Choirs, the trio, Nick Lachey and country singer Blake Shelton will attempt to assemble a 20-strong amateur choir in their hometowns. The singers will then rehearse their choirs before taking them to New York for a live contest, which will be televised over four consecutive nights from 17 December (07). The winning choir will win a major prize for their community. Bolton will return to New Haven, Connecticut to recruit his singers, while LaBelle will head to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Lachey will go home to Cincinnati, Ohio. Rowland will be looking to find winning singers in Houston, Texas, and Shelton will be going back to Oklahoma City.