Singer Michael Bolton knew he was destined to be with actress Nicollette Sheridan, and immediately starting romancing her after she broke off her engagement last year (05). The pair dated in the 1990s and kept in close contact after they separated, even though Sheridan was involved in a serious relationship with NIKLAS SODERBLOM. In 2004, Bolton received a message from Sheridan that her new series, Desperate Housewives, had been given the green light by US network ABC. Shortly after speaking with the star, Bolton was in Washington DC when her face appeared on the side of a bus. Bolton explains, "I was so happy for her. There was this giant billboard with all five of the housewives. And I said, 'Wow!'" After Sheridan called off her engagement to Soderblom, Bolton says he "seized the opportunity. When it's time, you just know. In a way, we have both always known."