Crooner Michael Bolton has produced a new TV movie highlighting the horrors of domestic abuse.

The 51-year-old singer recently joined forces with LAW AND ORDER star Mariska Hargitay as the celebrity voices behind a new incentive to lobby politicians to pass a new Violence Against Women law, that will severely punish wife-beaters and abusive boyfriends.

And he now serves as an executive producer on TERROR AT HOME: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN AMERICA, which he hopes will enlighten the masses when it airs in the US on 10 April (05).

He says, "When I had my daughters, the whole starving artist thing in the music business is true, so basically I wanted to try to help families who were struggling financially.

"We found out a lot of them are in shelters because of domestic violence and how rampant it is in America. So we got together with a lot of groups and are working on changing that."

30/03/2005 09:05