Michael Bay and his Transformers film crew warned residents of Detroit, Michigan to take cover when they blew up a carefully constructed set in the city on Wednesday (31Jul13).

The director is currently filming the fourth installment of the robot franchise with new star Mark Wahlberg, and workers have spent weeks erecting a Chinese-style set in downtown Detroit which resembles a devastated Hong Kong street.

Filming began on that location this week (beg29Jul13), with dramatic pictures and footage showing huge explosions rocking the set.

Producers issued a statement to local residents, warning them about the blasts, while also revealing they can expect "simulated gunfire, controlled pyrotechnic explosions, precision driving potentially involving squealing tires, controlled vehicle crashes and smoke".

Resident Peter Mays tells Cbslocal.com, "There'd be pyrotechnics and explosions and gunfire and they said they'd be shooting from basically seven in the morning 'til about sunset."

Wahlberg recently revealed his family came to visit him during filming in Detroit, insisting his wife and kids "had a blast" during their trip to the city.

Transformers 4 is due for release next summer (14).