Singer Michael Ball and thespian Peter Polycarpou are spearheading a new battle with executives at First Night Records over Les Miserables original cast royalties.
Both theatre stars, who appear on the first cast album, have addressed concerns that they are no longer being paid for their performances on the record 25 years after its release.
In a tweet on Friday night (13Jan12), which was obtained by theatre website, Polycarpou wrote, "First Night Records have said that they no longer want to pay us Les Mis royalties after 25 years."
Sources tell the site that the cast and executives are now locked in a contractual battle over ongoing royalties, with the record company bosses insisting they are within their rights to cease paying royalties.
Polycarpou added, "I am committed both as an Olc (original London cast) member of Les Mis and as an Equity Councillor to get Fnr to pay up for us and future casts."
Ball, who played Marius in the original Les Miserables, adds, "First night records. You cannot be serious. Not sure if it's legal... but moral? I think not."
The two men have been joined by co-stars Rebecca Caine and Frances Ruffelle, who played the original Eponine. She tweeted, "I heard today that the original London cast of Les Miserables will not be receiving record royalties from First Night Records anymore. Bad... Lets hope the news is wrong!"