Michael B. Jordan is being considered for 'Fantastic Four'.

The actor is in contention for a lead role in 20th Century Fox's reboot of the superhero movie, which will be directed by his 'Chronicle' helmer Josh Trank, reports TheWrap.com.

Jordan has reportedly had ''multiple meetings at Fox within the last week'' about playing the role of the 'Human Torch', aka Johnny Storm, who was previously played by 'Captain America' star Chris Evans in the studio's earlier 'Fantastic Four' films in 2005 and 2007.

In the comic books and previous movies, the Torch character is Caucasian but producers are said to be heavily considering Jordan, an African-American actor, for the role in a major shake-up for the reboot.

If cast, it remains to be seen how the filmmakers will handle the role of the 'Invisible Woman' Susan Storm, who is Johnny's sister and also Caucasian in the comics.

Although the 'Friday Night Lights' star is being tipped for the role, the decision will ultimately depend on his chemistry with the other cast members - including the actress cast as Susan Storm and the actors cast as 'Mr. Fantastic' Reed Richards and Ben 'The Thing' Grimm.

'Fantastic Four' is currently set to shoot this fall and has a March 2015 release date.