The Paper Planes star recently announced she had completed her next record, the "last" for her U.S. label, but wasn't convinced executives would release it.

Accordingly, M.I.A., real name Mathangi Arulpragasam, is seriously considering leaking it but keeps backing out because she would prefer her label's support.

"I would love to leak it... I wake up every day and think I'm gonna leak it," she told fans on live video-streaming app Periscope as she previewed a new song called Finally. "(But) I can always do that for the rest of my life. If I carry on making music, then I would do that, but I also want to find an album where I can actually make my label work for me."

According to, she complained about being under the control of a label and not being able to release the music she wants when she wants.

"Maybe I can't lie enough, which is why I can't be making a mainstream record," she reportedly said. "But my songs on this album are pretty non-offensive, and if they get offended by this, then I give up and I'm gonna go back to saying whatever the f**k I want wherever I want to, even on Periscope. I can put a beat on every day and just chat over it."

She told fans on Twitter on 2 May (16) she had handed in her "last LP" to her American label but wasn't sure it would be released as she can't promote it in the U.S. due to visa issues.