Mia Wasikowska is ''pretty low-key'' about fashion.

The Australian actress - who has previously fronted a campaign for Italian brand Miu Miu - is not hugely bothered by what she wears but does believe good clothes are like ''art''.

She said: ''It's not that I don't care about fashion. I just have a more casual style. I care about it in the sense that good fashion is like any other creative art form.

''When it's good, it's super-inspiring. I'm pretty low-key but when it comes to things like Rodarte and Comme and Miu Miu, I really appreciate and respect it.''

Discussing her own sense of fashion, she admits to preferring a vintage look.

She said: ''I prefer an older style. As in vintage, not the style of the elderly. I don't mean support tights!''

Despite her fame, Mia has not been overawed with free gifts since becoming a public figure.

She added to British Vogue: ''Back home in Canberra, the man in the local shop will give me a free Freddo Frog every time I go in to buy milk, which is sweet, but the only time I ever feel observed is on the press tours or at a premiere or event where I'm actually doing something.''