Mia Wasikowska doesn't feel like a ''movie star''.

The 'Lawless' actress is able to lead a normal life despite starring in a string of high-profile movies and admits her life often feels ''strange'' because she has so many ''surreal moments''.

She said: ''I never get noticed in any significant way.

''I never feel like a movie star. I feel like I have a constant series of surreal moments, where I'm thinking, 'Oh wow. This is so strange for me that this is my life.' Which is great.''

Mia is currently based in England and is pleased to be staying in a house big enough for her mother, sister and niece to visit from her native Australia as she misses being surrounded by a ''hive of activity'' when she has to stay in hotels.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''Back in Canberra our house is very chaotic. My younger brother is there while he's studying, and my dad and my sister, her boyfriend and her baby, so there's always someone somewhere.

''I really miss that hive of activity when I'm living in a hotel room. And I have the outdoors here, which I love. The garden back home is like a fantastical reality.''