Mia Wasikowska says she has a huge appreciation for fashion.

The 'Jane Eyre' actress takes a keen interest in the latest trends and styles and has lots of admiration for designers because they're so creative.

She said: "I definitely have an appreciation for fashion. I mean, those guys - the designer I mean - they're just so incredibly creative. I love Clare Tough, I think she's British, she does the most amazing knitted sweaters.

"I'm not sure about becoming a campaign star though. It would depend on what brand is was for and on timings - we'll see."

However, the Australian-born beauty admits she wasn't so keen on the clothes she had to wear to play the lead role in period drama 'Jane Eyre'.

She told vogue.co.uk: "They were so uncomfortable. Honestly, they were awful. They were fantastic for the role because they really helped me to understand the repression and restriction the women of that time went through. I really admired Jane though, she's such an individual thinker. She never compromises, which I think is pretty cool."