Buxom beauty Mia Tyler is a fan of one particular song written by her Aerosmith rocker dad STEVEN TYLER - and it bears her name.

Steven wrote the touching ballad MIA - which appeared on Aerosmith's 1979 album, NIGHT IN THE RUTS - as a tribute to his then baby daughter.

Model Mia, 24, says, "There's a beautiful song that my father wrote when I was a baby. I love the fact that he wrote it for me, because everything about me is rock 'n' roll, from the artwork I have in my flat to the way I dress."

Sexy Mia also has a penchant for taking her clothes off, and wishes she could walk around topless.

She says, "I love showing skin. It's one of my favourite things. In fact, if I could go topless all the time, I would."

08/07/2003 17:05