Actress/activist Mia Farrow's son RONAN SEAMUS is following in his mother's footsteps by dedicating his life to the campaign for human rights. The 20-year-old - who is the actress' biological child from her relationship with filmmaker Woody Allen - has been volunteering in the African countries of Nigeria, Angola and Sudan since being appointed a youth representative for Unicef at just 14. And the Yale law student also signed on as a spokesperson for the Genocide Intervention Network in 2005, accompanying his mother in her attempts to raise awareness for Darfuri refugees threatened with genocide by the Arab-dominated government. Mia, 62, says, "I took one of my sons Ronan on both trips (to Darfur) because he was already a youth ambassador for UNICEF and he graduated university at 15. "Our family motto is with knowledge comes responsibility and I felt if he knew these things, he could be galvanised. He's in law school now and he's dedicated his life to human rights."