Mia Farrow is adamant she will never allow her adopted daughter SOON-YI back into the family after her love affair with the actress' ex-partner Woody Allen. Farrow was devastated in 1992 when it emerged Allen, who was 56 at the time, was having an affair with Farrow's adopted daughter, then between 19 and 21 (there was no birth certificate). The pair went on to get married and have two children, but Farrow has never accepted their betrayal and still keeps Soon-Yi's identity from her biological son Satchel, and her two other adopted children. She says, "I've had to close ranks in the family. You can't have a chair with a missing person forever, and there are children who don't know she exists in the family." When asked what happens when they grow older and hear about Soon-Yi from other people, Farrow says, "Yeah, and I'll still say the family is complete. She can't be my daughter any more."