LATEST: Crusading actress Mia Farrow has spoken out about atrocities in war-torn Sudan after returning to the US from a visit there. The ROSEMARY'S BABY star, an ambassador for the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), addressed a news conference yesterday (21NOV06) describing the plight of refugees in neighbouring Chad. She said, "People are suffering unimaginably. Women described their terror, fleeing Darfur, losing family members, and children dying along the way." The 61-year-old added she wanted to return to the region "as soon as possible" to raise further awareness of the desperate situation. Civil war erupted in the region when rebels took up arms in February 2003. A string of other stars including George Clooney, SIR Bob Geldof and Heather Mills have also been campaigning for foreign intervention in the crisis in recent months.