Method Man has branded fellow rapper Snoop Dogg "one of the worst" hip-hop actors - even though he's playing his best pal in a new movie.

The WU-TANG CLAN star appears opposite Snoop in new AIRPLANE remake SOUL PLANE - but has little respect for his co-star's acting talents, as showcased in such films as THE WASH, Training Day and BONES.

Speaking backstage at Saturday's (31MAY03) Mtv Movie Awards, he said, "There's a bunch of us doing this and he's one of the worst ones. Snoops knows that, but Snoop's a hustler. He's gonna keep his face out there."

However, Method Man acknowledges that at least Snoop's popularity means people will come see their film.

He adds, "Even though he keeps f***ing up, there's somebody out there who wants to see him."

05/06/2003 09:12