Hip-hop star Method Man has lashed out at critics online after he was attacked for starring in a new cartoon about a gay white rapper.

The How High hitmaker lends his voice to a character called Phantasm in the new animated comedy, working alongside the likes of Danny MCBride, Kathryn Hahn and funnyman Bobby Moynihan as title character Chozen.

However, his involvement in the series, which chronicles Chozen's attempts to rebuild his career after a stint in prison, has prompted some detractors to take aim at Method Man via Twitter.com for allegedly damaging the image of the hip-hop industry, which has previously been criticised for some of its anti-gay song lyrics.

According to HipHopDx.com, he recently hit back at his critics in a series of angry tweets, writing, "I don't care about any1's (sic) opinion of a show they hvnt (haven't) even seen yet.Fyi (for your information):didn't do it for the $ (money)...

"It's a f**kin cartoon... So f**k off wit all that it hurts hip-hop bs (bulls**t) only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug a** n**gers (sic)... smh (shaking my head)".

The messages have since been deleted from the rapper's Twitter page.

Method Man claims he initially agreed to do the job for free as a favour to a friend, but now receives between $1,500 (£940) and $2,000 (£1,250) per episode after the show was picked up by bosses at U.S. Tv network Fx.

Chozen premiered on Monday night (13Jan14).