Rapper-turned-actor Method Man is furious with FOX TV executives for taking the ghetto out of his new sitcom METHOD + RED - going against his express wishes.

The former Wu Tang Clan hitmaker is incensed the company have tried to tailor the show to appeal to "Middle America" and are filing it with "lame jokes".

In the series, Method Man teams up with fellow rapper Redman to play two hip-hop stars who move to a rich, white gated community after finding fame.

And now the star fears he could alienate the very audience he is trying to reach out to.

Method Man complains, "I'm trying to keep this show ghetto, and there's a way for it to be both ghetto and intelligent.

"This is frustrating for me, and it's not turning out for me as expected. I know what I wanted this show to be, but there's been too much compromise on our side and not enough on their side.

"I'm not Hollywood. In hip-hop, we didn't have to buck our teeth or do anything wrong to get an audience. We weren't trying to please the crowd. The audience came to us, buying our records. If we're allowed to do what we do, the audience will come."

21/06/2004 14:37