Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is "proud" he helped to destroy internet file-sharing website NAPSTER - but insists he doesn't revel in "glory".
The Enter Sandman hitmakers made headlines around the world in 2000 when they prompted legal action against the website after Ulrich discovered the band's back catalogue was available to users for free.
He is adamant the rockers did the right thing in spearheading the campaign to bring down Napster - but admires the website's bosses for painting the band as "greedy rock pigs".
Ulrich tells rock magazine Kerrang!, "Being right about Napster doesn't mean that much to me. I don't find any particular glory in being proved right about it.
"You have to give props to the other side because they did run a brilliant campaign, and they did portray me and Metallica as being greedy rock pigs and luddites who were completely behind what was happening technologically. But I am proud of what we did, and what we stood up for."