Metallica bandmates Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield are to rock their adopted Marin, California for the first time in a bid to raise funds for a planned museum exhibit.
The two musicians have stepped in to save a Marin Rocks exhibit after the town's History Museum bosses and the owners of the Masonic Lodge failed to agree on a site for the project, planned by local music fans.
Hetfield gave project managers a boost when he agreed to perform with his heavy rock act to help raise cash for the exhibit.
Metallica have never played in Marin, even though Hetfield, Ulrich and their families live there.
Museum executive director Merry Alberigi tells the Marin Independent Journal newspaper, "Metallica very much supports the Marin Rocks project, and especially the educational programs to be offered for our youth.
"They (Hetfield and Ulrich) have kids in school here in Marin County and they want to give back. It's a fabulous gift from them to the community. They are the biggest band in the world right now."