The disappearance of Metallica fan MORGAN HARRINGTON has "crushed" the band's bassist Robert Trujillo.
The female student went missing following a Metallica concert in Virginia on 17 October (09) and the band members were quick to offer up a $50,000 (£31,250) reward for information that leads to her whereabouts.
Trujillo admits the group struggled to comprehend Harrington's disappearance, and the ongoing investigation is permanently on their minds.
He says, "I was crushed. Stuff like this just really, really bums me out, especially when you are a parent and you have children. I mean, it's the worst thing that you could ever imagine. And of course, you know, we're all hoping for the best and just praying that she's alive. It really hit a sour chord with us and bummed us out."
Metallica's reward has been added to the Harrington family's $100,000 (£62,500) cash incentive for information.