Rockers Metallica have stunned fans by signing up for a Ennio Morricone tribute project. The group have used the composer's THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY track THE ECSTASY OF GOLD to open their stage shows since 1983, and now the US band will repay the musical favour with a cover version of the song for a tribute album due out later this year (07). The Metallica cover features on WE ALL LOVE ENNIO MORRICONE, alongside offerings from an assorted array of other celebrity Morricone fans including opera star Andrea Bocelli, Yo-yo Ma, Bruce Springsteen and Celine Dion. Frontman James Hetfield says, "I've been inspired by Morricone's raw unbridled emotion, especially in his western scores." Morricone has written music for more than 400 film and television shows.