Metallica's move to release their album a few days early to beat bootleggers has destroyed Jewel's chance at having her first number one LP debut.

As a result, Jewel's new disc, 0304, has debuted in second place, with 144,000 copies sold.

Metallica's ST ANGER has landed at number one, with 418,000 copies sold, according to industry figures. The album was originally due to be released this week (ends13JUN03), but instead went on sale last Thursday (05JUN03).

Jewel says, "It's all out of my control," adding that it's still the highest-debuting record she's ever had.

She notes, "It's really unusual that you'll have a higher debuting record than any other record in your career. Usually, 10 years into your career, it's going down."

13/06/2003 02:20