Metallica rockers Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett dreaded the moment frontman James Hetfield returned to the band after recovering from alcoholism - because they didn't want to record an album of "rehab songs".

Drummer Ulrich and guitarist Hammett were so worried Hetfield would enforce his new clean lifestyle on recording sessions for the disc that became ST ANGER they planned to quit.

In the end, Hetfield let his fellow band members do what they wanted.

Ulrich says, "We were thinking what if he comes back from rehab and says, 'OK, I've got an album full of rehab songs, and I'm not gonna let you drink and do what the f*** you wanna do.'

"At which point I would have been, 'OK, nice working with you, I'm outta here.'"

Hammett adds, "We were like, is it going to be like Aerosmith? Where (Steven Tyler) refuses to have any booze or drugs around him, and everyone on the crew had to p*** in a cup to test what booze and drugs they've had?

"We were wondering about this for literally months."

27/09/2004 21:20