Heavy rockers Metallica were given a heavy lesson in humility when they supported the Rolling Stones on tour in 2005 - because Mick Jagger treated them like they all had terrible diseases. The Enter Sandman stars were thrilled when their heroes asked them to play support on two dates, but their excitement quickly turned sour when they got the chance to meet the supergroup. Drummer Lars Ullrich called into syndicated U.S. radio programme The Opie + Anthony Show on Friday (25May07) with his recollections of touring with the Stones. He remembered, "Some assistant with, like, five walkie-talkies and a water-bottle holder comes in before the show and says, 'Do you want your picture taken with the Rolling Stones?' We were like, 'You know what? Sure. Why not?' "This assistant... escorts us into this place in the tunnel leading into the stadium and she says, 'Wait here...' About five minutes later the Stones come in, and I swear they didn't stop. "Charlie Watts said `Hello' and I think Keith (Richards) nodded or something, and Mick (Jagger) looked like we were all gonna give him pneumonia or something; he had this disgusting look on his face. They slowed down long enough, while the photographer took two or three frames, and then they walked off. "Then the assistant came over and said, 'If the band approves the photo, we'll send you a copy.' That kind of sums up the Rolling Stones experience... That kind of left me with a little bit of a strange taste in my mouth. If we ever pulled that, would you come and find me and shoot me? I mean, seriously?"