Metallica frontman James Hetfield refuses to drag out their classic hits for concert performances, preferring instead to play new songs to maintain their standing in contemporary heavy rock.

The metal outfit - who first shot to prominence with their 1983 debut album KILL 'EM ALL - are eager to avoid turning into a "nostalgia act" because they're all still focused on creating new tunes - a chemistry they depend on to keep them going.

Hetfield says, "We certainly don't want to turn into some nostalgia act, and the longer your career goes the more you have a chance of doing that. You've got certain songs that people want to hear without playing four hours, what are you going to do?

"We're not interested in cruising through the rest of our careers; we still feel we've got lots of creativity to offer. Every night we're coming up with riffs that just bond us, before going onstage; it stamps even deeper why we belong together and there is magic there."

07/06/2004 14:11