Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich pushed his bandmates to take part in the upcoming Live Earth global spectacular - because he didn't want his sons to inherit an environmentally-challenged planet after his death. The green-minded rocker and his band will be among the acts performing at the London leg of the global warming-awareness concerts on 7 July (07), and Ulrich, a new dad, insists he felt compelled to take part. He says, "I love my sons. I want them to inherit the earth for real! We keep waiting for future generations to solve the problems; to invent cleaner technology; to pay the costs... That's the same as passing the buck. I want the buck to stop here, now. "I want lawmakers and laws to impose change. Nothing else will keep this world safe for my sons." The 24-hour Live Earth concert series will begin in Sydney, Australia and continue across all seven with events in Japan, China, South Africa, Germany, London and Brazil, before concluding in New York.