Heavy rockers Metallica hired a therapist to help keep them together after a series of problems led band leaders Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield to consider splitting up.

The group brought in sports team shrink PHIL TOLL to help them work through their woes after bass player Jason Newsted quit and Hetfield checked into rehab to take control of his heavy drinking.

Hetfield says, "He's an enhancement coach. It's tough being an individual in a group - you kind of lose your identity. Phil helped clear some stuff up."

Drummer Ulrich adds, "When James came back from rehab, after being away for almost eight months, we didn't really do anything for three months other than talk. We went over a lot of stuff from the past that was unresolved - really bared ourselves.

"It was like we all went back to day one, not only of the band but each other's lives."

Toll's sessions worked - the group's new album ST ANGER is said to be their best to date. It's released later this summer (03).

30/04/2003 21:42