Rockers Metallica have spent $2 million (GBP1.1 million) to release footage of their three-year therapy sessions where they battled their "inner-rage" while producing new album ST ANGER.

The heavy-metal band have turned the film - which began as a record-company promo - into the intimate documentary SOME KIND OF MONSTER, which shows the bandmates analysing their alcohol, drug and relationship problems with several psychiatrists.

Frontman JAMES HETFIELD - nicknamed ALCOHOLICA - says, "We had no idea what awesome footage we'd be getting. We're really kind of blowing up the image of what we used to be.

"But when we get on stage, that's still us, man. We don't sit around every day and analyse our breakfast. We're all extremists, we had to go to these lengths to find out where the middle is."

The soul-baring documentary will hit British cinema screens this October (04).

15/07/2004 17:25