Rockers Metallica thrilled fans in the Czech Republic on Monday (07May12) by playing all the songs from their eponymously-titled album for the first time ever.
The band kicked off its European tour at Prague's Synot Tip Arena, and the group performed all 12 tracks from their 1991 record, which is also known as The Black Album.
However, they surprised the audience by playing the record in reverse order.
A statement posted on the band's website, reads, "What a great show here in Prague to start off the 20th Anniversary of the Black Album! The band surprised everyone, and played it backwards! During and after Sandman, it was pyro, pyro, pyro, and pyro!!! Sandman had fireworks, Fuel had the big flames..."
Metallica will be performing the record in its entirety throughout the tour, including a slot at Britain's Download Festival next month (Jun12).