Rock veterans Metallica are desperately searching for a worthy band to take their place as the Kings of Metal - so they can slow down.
The Enter Sandman rockers have been performing for 27 years and show no signs of tiring. They have a new album, Death Magnetic, out next week (beg15Sep08) - and are preparing to hit the road to promote it.
And drummer Lars Ulrich admits he's too old to be a full-time rocker.
He says, "I was thinking the other day about how everyone expects us to continue to release albums that define the genre, to 'save' metal. And that's a lot of f**king pressure, really. Why hasn't anyone dethroned us yet? We support all the great new metal bands, take them under our wing, but people still want us to carry the whole genre on our backs.
"I'm 44 years old, I've got three kids, I flew in a helicopter on Friday. It's a little difficult to revisit the vibe of 20 years ago when you're living in a two-bedroom suite at Claridge's. I live a very different life to how I lived then."