Metallica think it's ''remarkable'' they are the first heavy metal band to headline Glastonbury festival.

The 'Enter Sandman' band - made up of James Hetfield, Rob Trujillo, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett - will take to the stage tonight night (28.06.14) and were shocked another act of their genre weren't announced first.

Frontman James said: ''It's remarkable. Why not Sabbath? Why not Judas Priest? There are plenty of British bands who've been around a long time, who are well established, and have a long-standing tradition of heavy music. But we've been asked to play, and it's amazing. It's opening the door. Some people might have an understanding about Metallica that they don't like 'em, they've heard a song, and they're like, 'Oh, it's all that heavy, crazy stuff'. But they haven't seen us live, that's when you see the real us. We tend to win people over, even if they don't wanna be.''

Kirk claims the fact that the 'Unforgiven' band are ''hated'' gives them a certain sense of motivation to prove people wrong and he recalls how Metallica ''came up in the face of adversity''.

He said: ''When we started out, a lot of people didn't get us. There were a good two or three years where people were scratching their heads and not knowing what to make of us. And if that happens again at Glastonbury, so be it. For me, it's not gonna make much difference. We're just gonna go out there and enjoy ourselves.''

The rockers are relishing the chance to play such a high-profile gig, and are ready for the challenge.

James told NME magazine: ''We've been asked to play there because of who we are. We know that it's special. But again, we're true to ourselves. As far as the set goes, I don't know what we'll be playing. There's probably gonna be a lot of people who haven't seen us live.

''The other aspect is that you're playing on the BBC - prime time, Pyramid Stage, Saturday night. It's a big deal.''

Kirk added: ''The first four, give years we were constantly put in that situation. We've been there before, it's just been a while.

''I don't give a f**k if people think we should play Glastonbury or not, I'm still gonna go out and play the best f***ing show that I can.''