Metallica fans have launched a new campaign, urging members of the band to ditch their longtime producer Bob Rock.

The fans have set up an online petition in their efforts to have Rock removed from the band's future work, citing the music man as a mismatch with the metal veterans.

A portion of the petition reads, "We, the longtime loyal fans and friends of Metallica and their music... know it will be a hard thing to do, but we feel it is time to sever your working relationship with Bob Rock.

"Don't get us wrong, some of us like a few (very few) contributions Bob Rock has made to Metallica. Unfortunately one thing we can all agree on is nothing has been the same since he joined the ranks as longtime Metallica producer.

"We are not criticizing Bob Rock on his technical skills as he has mastered his sound. We just feel that his contributions to help craft a Metallica song are quite wrong and have been getting worse as time goes on...

"We are excited to hear the next studio album with the addition of masterful bassist Robert Trujillo... All we ask is you take our suggestion seriously for the sake of the band and your fans. Please end your working relationship with Bob Rock as producer and let's enter into a new phase for Metallica."

22/03/2005 02:49