Tickets for the heavy metal band's upcoming gigs went on sale on Friday morning (24Mar17), with the London and Birmingham dates set for October (17), selling out in under 10 minutes.

The band, made up of James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo, will also be playing gigs in Manchester and Glasgow.

Fans flocked to Twitter to not only share their disappointment at not securing tickets, but also to vent their anger at the sky-high cover costs, with prices ranging from $72 (£58) to $120 (£96).

"Nearly £200 for two tickets to Manchester is ridiculous. What did you pay for tickets to shows when you were 19," one disgruntled fan asked Metallica.

"£96 for a @Metallica ticket... amazing band but I'm not paying that," another fumed.

"Metallica, £96 for standing, properly unhappy about it," said a third.

Not everyone was so upset though, with plenty of metal lovers sharing their joy at snagging a ticket.