Rockers Metallica are considering releasing their next album as an internet download - as they are now free from the constraints of their current record deal.
The Enter Sandman hitmakers enjoyed a major international hit with their latest LP Death Magnetic, which ruled charts across the globe after its release in September (08).
But the LP is the last the band will put out under their current deal with Warner Music Group - and they are currently weighing their options for the follow-up.
And drummer Lars Ulrich is considering taking inspiration from Radiohead and releasing a record over the internet - despite the band being famously suspicious about music downloads.
He tells Rolling Stone, "We're free of our record contract. We have that element of complete freedom with the next record, so we can do whatever we want. We could do an Internet thing."
But Ulrich insists fans will have a long wait for their next LP.
He adds, "I wouldn't hold my breath for another Metallica record. I'm still decompressing and coming down from the whole experience of the last one, but if we spit one out every four or five years that's not so bad."
In 2000, Metallica famously launched a lawsuit against music file-sharing website Napster for allowing users to swap the band's records online.