Metallica rocker James Hetfield is proud of a new documentary film about the heavy metal band, because it shows how they coped in turbulent times.

The ENTER SANDMAN singer says SOME KIND OF MONSTER shows fans exactly what it was like to be in the group over the two year period when it was filmed.

The film begins in early 2001 when bassist Jason Newsted announced he was leaving Metallica, follows Hetfield as he enters rehab for alcohol addiction and finishes with the release of last year's (03) ST ANGER album.

Hetfield says, "It was supposed to be some sort of infomercial. But some pretty huge things in our lives started happening.

"I'm really glad that moment in our career and as people is captured on film. We're very proud of the film as it was from the heart. It blows away the mystique that we're idols or we lead perfect lives."

Joe Berlinger, who directed the film with Bruce Sinofsky, says, "Seeing LARS (ULRICH), James and KIRK (HAMMETT) interacting in those sessions gave us our first inklings that we might have something really special on our hands."

11/02/2004 21:03