Rock legends Metallica are highly amused with the bogus news story which claimed they were suing a small band over guitar chords.

The false story, which made headlines earlier this month (JUL03), claimed the band embarked on legal action against an unknown Canadian band called UNFAITH for using the guitar chords E and F. And while the claims have since been exposed as untrue, the Metallica rockers are enjoying a good chuckle about it.

The band's guitarist KIRK HAMMETT says, "That's hilarious... Metallica has always been the butt of a lot of jokes. We've always been outsiders. We've always been on the fringe. It's always easy to pick on the kid with the green hair."

The real frontman of Unfaith, ERIK ASHLEY, created the story himself, and designed the internet posting to make it look like a real MTV news item.

The phoney story was quickly picked up and reported on by radio stations and newspapers around the world.

28/07/2003 21:14